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Patent Preparation and Prosecution



Insightful Legal Counsel

Client Centered

Expertise at Every Level

We are able to provide a level and quality of service that is 100% client centered. Our mission is to solve your legal problems and help you manage them professionally.

Communication Plus

Because we understand the dynamics and pressures of your job, you will always know what we are doing, why we are doing it and how it advances your goal.

Incremental strategy steps or adjustments are discussed closely with you.

Our litigation dashboard keeps you apprised of progress and your budget to help you administer and report to management along the way.

Cost Effective Solutions

Whatever your legal challenges, we will work with you to develop cost-effective solutions to overcome them.


For recurring litigation requirements - such as foreclosures, evictions and non-compete cases - we work with you to find efficient, cost-effective solutions to these everyday legal needs.

For high-volume needs, we partner with you to create systematic and affordable programs backed by high-quality litigation skills.

In cases arising from more unique situations, we use our combined decades of litigation experience to customize a strategy that is designed to maximize your results while minimizing costs.


A thorough understanding and application of the process, pressure points and tools available to use in the judicial process can lead you to a successful outcome. That is what you want and that is what we will strive to deliver every step of the way.

Our process starts with you - your problems and your business goals. We listen to the issues you face and provide you with options to suit your budget. We only move forward when we agree on a coherent strategy that meets your business needs. As each stage progresses, we ensure you get the appropriate level of expertise to satisfy the complexity of the project and honor your budget.

Technology Efficient

We employ advanced technology and are constantly searching for new ways to tap technology to be more cost-effective. Clients immediately benefit from the many advanced software we utilize such as litigation document managers, retrieval, notification and reporting, data identification and preservation, full or targeted information collections from structured and unstructured sources, data processing and discovery production, as well as trial use, formatting and presentation.


With technology as an integral part of all our processes, our clients benefit in several ways:


All of your litigation information is available at our fingertips, which allows us to quickly bring cases to life in client meetings, legal proceedings and the courtroom.

More time is spent on your actual case and less on the administrative costs of your file.

Efficient early case assessment and risk analysis.

Johan Goethe

There is nothing so terrible as activity without insight.

The high cost of litigation cannot be denied. A victory that costs too much is a pyrrhic victory. One of the distinct advantages of hiring Riney Packard, PLLC is that we have a lower cost structure than the megalithic regional and national firms. Someone is paying for big firm artwork and the boardroom—You! Our rates are lower; our service is not. Strategic planning insures that we apply our efforts where they are most needed. The result is a lower cost for similar outcomes.

Harper Lee

You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view. 

Whatever your legal challenges, we will work with you to develop a cost-effective, strategic plan to meet them. We learn your business operations and how the dispute could impact your bottom-line. This is how we do it

Albert Einstein

The only source of knowledge is experience

Having a law license makes

you a lawyer, it does not make you a good lawyer.

Experience, when combined with insight, makes for a

good lawyer. We are very experienced and we THINK before we act on

your behalf.

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